I started offering Canva pin templates in 2020 when I realized JUST how much TIME we were all wasting trying to make beautiful, eye catching pins quickly. (Instead of all the other things we should be doing - like writing blog posts and engaging with our active audience...)

It didn't take long before I had a library of HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of gorgeous templates for every niche:

Now, I offer access to this library of pin templates (which we've since made available for PicMonkey also!) along with my Private Pinterest Mastermind FB group for just $19 / month.

We have over 600 members now, and I love it BEST when one of them makes a post like this (from May 28th 2024):

With seven-plus years of experience driving massive traffic from Pinterest to my own blog (200k+ page views... on a bad month), I KNOW what kind of pin design will stand a chance in the busy feed. 

You DO NOT have to have amazing graphic design skills to create your own traffic-driving pins - QUICKLY! 

While other templates are created with branding in mind, these templates are created with TRAFFIC in mind.

These pins are created to take the hard out of designing pins, so that you can make beautiful, traffic driving pins - that people can read - even when your reader is scrolling 23 pins per second. 

(Read-ability is key... when they aren't reading, they aren't clicking!)


  • Access to ALL 500+ of my Canva pin templates (with more templates added monthly)
  • Access to ALL of my Canva PLR products and Canva templates for products (see them here!)
  • Membership in my private Pinterest Mastermind FB group
  • Hours of your life back. (Stop messing around with fonts and worrying about pin designs!)
  • Confidence that your pins DO look amazing, and can compete in the feed


I don't currently use Canva, is this still for me? 

YES! Canva is pretttty simple to use - especially if you are just using drag + drop templates! 

The bundle includes a training video on how to use the templates in Canva, and some of my favorite Canva tips + tricks.

I don't want to PAY for Canva - still good? 

YES! These templates are also created to be 100% compatible with the FREE version of Canva, which means you don't need to worry about fonts or elements not working.

What size are the pins that I get?

Half of our existing templates are pins 1000x1500 and Half are pins pins 750x1500 or 1550.

Why two sizes? 

Because despite the fact that Pinterest strongly recommends 2:1 ratio, the long pins still WORK - and often better than the short ones.

I suggest making and using both.

The images don't look like crappy free stock photos - what if I want to USE the image included on the pin... can I do that?

YES! These templates use images that are NOT crappy free stock photos (or even Canva stock photos). 

They are AWESOME stock photos... and as long as they are left on the pin - they can be used by you with no risk. 

The photos on the pins are bought and paid for by myself from a very talented photographer, who grants permission to reuse them in for-sale templates. 

As long as you don't REMOVE the image from the template and use it elsewhere, you're gold!

Can using the same templates as "everyone else" hurt you on Pinterest? 

Out of all the people on Pinterest, I guarantee you, there is only a tiny tiny fraction that are using these templates. 

Couple that with the fact that they are DESIGNED to inspire you to CHANGE them (with video instructions as to how)... and these templates will help you create awesomely unique pins in a short amount of time! 

How do I know these templates are "good"? 

Well, any pin has the potential to win or to flop, depending on multiple factors - like keywording, time of day pinned, who sees it first, and more - but I do use my designs myself to see if they have promise on the platform, and a "bad" Pinterest traffic month for me is 100k page views. 

(Just sayin'.)

Will these templates work for ANY niche?

I don't have personal experience in all niches on Pinterest, but I believe that these templates will work for MOST niches, based on the built-in ability to edit them endlessly. 

What should I do with ALL the time I'll save?

Write blog posts, draft emails, finally dig into your SEO course collection

Heck, take a nap.

I know you're as ready as I am to stop it with the fiddling-with-pins-for-days already.

(Except now it's my job... so. Leave it to me!) 

Can I get a refund if I don't love the pins?

You betcha. Let me know within 7 days of purchase if you don't think the membership is the right fit for you.