Have you tried affiliate marketing and feel like you're failing?

Do you wonder why it looks so easy for some people to make sales...and wonder what secrets they know that you don't?

Then this course is for you!

We are gonna pull the curtain back on one of my favorite blog monetization methods and dive deep into how to make CONVERSIONS with affiliate marketing.

Anyone can stick a link in a blog post. To get that link make money though...

That's a whole 'nother story.

Find out what you're missing. 


Getting started - a course on the basics of affiliate marketing

We will discuss exactly what affiliate marketing IS and go over some of the terminologies that might be less familiar to you, and discuss a few important things you need to know before you start.

(Don't worry, if you're past the "beginner stage" of affiliate marketing, this is not a beginner course - it just has a beginner chapter!)

Can all niches make equal money with affiliate marketing?

Unfortunately, NOT all niches are created equal when it comes to earning with affiliates, and anyone who tells you differently is nuts.

We will look at how to know if you're choosing a "money" niche for affiliates, or a niche that might be a little trickier.

I'll also share with a (super awesome, if I do say so myself) basic way to understand the difference between TRAFFIC posts and MONEY posts (and why you need both)!

Where to find affiliates to promote

I walk you through exactly how I find the best affiliates programs to join.

The four BEST TYPES of affiliates (according to Carly)

Just like not all niches are created equal, not all affiliates are created equal!

These 4 affiliates are the ONLY types of affiliates I bother with, and the harder I focus on them, the more money I make.

How to write blog posts that make sales

All my tricks for making those blog post clicks turn into cash - PLUS two case studies from my own blog.

We discuss the 7 types of money-making posts I like to write, and we cover everything from fun tricks to make your links STAND OUT to exactly WHERE they should go in your blog post.

I'll share with you what I like to call "The Secret Sauce of Selling".

How to write emails that make sales

Selling in an email is an art form, and if you've been paying more for your email list than you've been making from it for the last year, you know that!

I make plenty of money with my email list, and I want to show you how to do it too.

This section includes real-life email examples (and discussion about those examples) that I actually sent during an affiliate launch that earned me over 5000$ in 5 days!


Let's get this nasty rumor out of the way -

If you think the only people earning affiliate money are those who sell blog hosting or expensive courses, think again!

We discuss this in detail inside the course, but I earn great money with non-blog related affiliates... including over 18500 USD with Amazon in 2019 alone!

I am part of many smaller affiliate programs (with my mom blog) that earn equally to Amazon... so that's almost 40,000 USD in affiliate earnings from MOM NICHE ONLY related products. (Mom niche meaning prenatal courses, baby products, breastfeeding products, home organization items etc.)

I don't even TRY that hard to make money on the mom blog, and my affiliate income (PASSIVELY) out earns what I used to make at my desk job.

I will show you EXACTLY how I do that, with real examples from my site.


"As a blogger who was already earning some affiliate income, I wanted to learn how I could increase my earnings without needing to constantly worry about growing my traffic. And this course has though me exactly that! Carly's brilliant strategies and live examples from her blog have given me precious insight into advanced marketing strategies that helped me increase my conversion rates, find better products to promote as an affiliate, and use my content - specifically my blog posts - in a more intentional way when it came to placing affiliate links and banners. Within 3 months of taking the course and implementing 2-3 main takeaways, my affiliate income grew by 30% and it's been growing ever since!"


"I purchased Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers after purchasing Carly's other course, Pinteresting Strategies, because I was tired of living in the affiliate income dead zone. I'd been blogging for about 14 months and while I was making affiliate sales here and there, I still felt like something just wasn't clicking for me. 

The course proved to be an eye-opener for me in many ways. By implementing one simple strategy Carly mentions, I was able to earn back the cost of the course from affiliate sales in just one day. That was huge for me since I'd only been making a few bucks a day through affiliates before that. 

I'd recommend Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers for anyone who's just getting started with affiliate marketing or who's been throwing spaghetti at the wall and finding that nothing sticks. The video content really adds to the course's value and it's easily some of the best money I've spent as a blogger!"

- Rebecca, Boss Single Mama

"If you want a comprehensive course that walks you through the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, this is it. Carly dives into everything you need to know about making money as an affiliate, both through your blog and through email marketing. I found the real-life case studies extremely helpful and edifying, as they showed me that this really can be done! If you want to make affiliate money but aren't sure where to start, or you haven't yet been able to make affiliate sales work for you, I highly recommend this course."

- Bridget, The Freelancing Mama

If you don't know what you're doing with affiliate marketing, this is the course that's going to be a game changer.  I got kicked out of amazon affiliates for failing to make my 3 sales in 90 days. I wasn't sure affiliate marketing was for me. I had initially taken Carly's pinterest course and had great success so I thought, if anybody can teach me how to do this right, it's Carly. I'm not one that easily parts with my money but after her pinterest coure, I've become a Carly fanatic. So it was a no brainer. Hands down, this is the one thing that completely changed my affiliate marketing approach and actually started making me sales. I went from being kicked out of amazon to earning between $400- $500/ month and this number just keeps growing. 

The course is crazy informative and packed with helpful walk-throughs of real-life examples. This is how I learn best so it really clicked for me. I think it's actually underpriced for the value! 

- Cendu,

"Carly's affiliate marketing course is without doubt one of the best I've taken so far. I'm thoroughly convinced, and unlike many other courses, she shares a solid strategy to making money from a blog, whether it's through Amazon or any other affiliate partner. Her affiliate blueprint serves as the pattern, as the guide, and if implemented well your blog will definitely start seeing results immediately. What I've learned from Carly has allowed me to generate enough income to be able to quit my job and go full time into my blogging business. Yup, within a few months of implementing her tips, I started making a 5-figure income. And, that doesn't end there!"

- Swati,

"I’ve taken 8 affiliate marketing courses, and Carly’s was my favorite.  I got so many tips that I didn’t find in courses that cost twice as much.

Carly had specific tips and hacks that no one else has.  She gives specific examples for both email marketing and article marketing. After I took this course, my affiliate earning accelerated. I now usually earn $14,000-$16,000 per month just on affiliate marketing (and occasionally more)."

- Debbie,

"Carly's course is AWESOME. She tells it to you straight, starting with what types of content will and will not make affiliate sales. If you already do have a lot of great content, she gives you so many simple, but genius changes you can make to skyrocket your affiliate income. 

Compared to other affiliate marketing courses out there that I've taken, Carly's offers three times the value for less than half the price.
Using what I learned from her course, I doubled my affiliate income for my first blog, and am using the same techniques to create sustainable passive affiliate income on my second blog. 

I can't speak highly enough of Carly and all her products. If you need to learn affiliate marketing and want to see results, learn from her!" 

- June,

"After taking Carly's Pinteresting Strategies course I knew that Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers would be chock full of good information. What I didn't expect was that it would completely change the way I view affiliate marketing. I have taken several, expensive blogging courses and thought I knew a good bit about affiliate sales. Carly's no-nonsense, practical teaching style enabled me to put what I learned into practice right away. As soon as I finished the course I began telling all of my blogging friends to enroll. I highly recommend Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers. You will not be disappointed!"

- Elise,

"I'm writing my review specifically for beginning bloggers who are wondering if this course can help them learn and succeed with affiliate marketing. I took this course after taking other, more expensive affiliate marketing classes. This is the course that finally brought everything together for me. Carly's course has an entire section on affiliate marketing through blog posts. Her tips on where to place links inside posts have been tremendously helpful. I'm convinced Carly's advice is what allowed me to get the three qualifying sales required for Amazon. You have six months to make those sales, but I was able to get them within two months of implementing Carly's strategies...while getting less than 1,000 visitors a month to my site! I still have very low traffic, but am converting my Amazon affiliate links at 18%! Much of that is due to following what Carly lays out in the course. So, if you're a beginning blogger with low traffic wanting to get into affiliate marketing, I wholeheartedly recommend this course!"

- Amanda,

"Carly's affiliate marketing course is gold! Primarily because she breaks it down in an easy to understand and easy to implement way. She talks to you like a real person through the course and because of that it is really clear. You never know when buying blogging courses if you're going to get a bunch of confusing tech babble. Not here! This course is so easy to understand and the tools you learn are so effective! When I started my blog I got pretty good at turning out pageviews pretty quickly, but my affiliate marketing skills were nonexistent. I was lucky to be making $100 a month in affiliate sales. Immediately upon completing Carly's Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers course I got an idea for a post to directly implement the skills she taught me, in order to see if they worked. Almost immediately the page began generating sales! The following month my affiliate income increased by about $100 and the month after that it continued to increase another $100! The continued increase in my income from affiliate marketing is directly related to what I learned in Carly's course! It paid for itself in under a month and it's well worth every penny!!"

- Ali,