Engaging Your Audience:





The "thing" no one told you about making money when you started your blog

Over and over again, I see new bloggers getting STUCK in a particular place: 

The ad income place. 

You start a blog to make money, you publish your content, you get some traffic... it's going well! 

You apply to MediaVine or Monumetric (maybe even AdThrive?) and get approved.

You're FINALLY making 500$ per month and it feels AMAZING. 

You put some affiliate links in your blog posts, and you manage to increase your income by 100-200$ per month. You're getting the hang of this blogging thing! 

But then... it sort of feels like you've hit a wall. You're working harder than ever to increase income by increasing traffic...

And nothing's changing. 

So what's with all these bloggers claiming they're making thousands of dollars per month? Are they just lucky? Or do they know something you don't know? 

(Hint - it IS that they know something you don't know.) 

It took me a little while to figure out what this BIG SECRET was. The thing that makes all the difference when it comes to how much revenue you can generate. The thing that gets you off the content-generation hamster wheel.

And once I figured it out - there was no holding me back. 

I increased my income by over 400% in one year.

And the best thing about this thing is that ANYONE can do it.  

I won't make you wait. I'll tell you the secret to busting through the ad income ceiling right here on this page:

The secret thing you NEED to do to increase your income is to ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE. 

But, if it were that easy, you'd already have done it - right? 

You might even feel like you ARE trying to engage your audience by posting amazing content!

Well, that's not quite how it works. 

There's a lot more to it, and it's not all naturally intuitive for most people. 

But by following the guidelines laid out in this training, you should be able to grow an audience of raving fans...

People who can't wait to hear what you have to say, people who respect your opinion and trust you. 

People who love your content and seek you out on social media. 

Imagine KNOWING when you send an email that you WILL make sales. 

KNOWING when you post on Facebook that people WILL click your links. 

Having people email you to ASK for your affiliate links, so they can support you. (Yes, this DOES happen!) 

There is WAY more to engaging an audience than creating content. 

Over the past four years, I have grown an engaged audience of over 25,000 and increased my income by more than 400%.  

I'm sharing everything I know (and then some! I had help with the instagram section) about engaging your audience; these are actionable, easy to understand tips on how to finally get in front of your people and make them love you.


40 Minute Video Training on The WHY and THEORY of an Engaged Audience

OK, well, that sounds boring, but I swear it's not.


And I think you will too.

(Please note that this video is "carly-esque" which means unedited. If a lack of super professional video is a deal-breaker for you, please don't buy this course! Just leave the secrets here!)

Engaging Your Audience With Email - 21 Page PDF training

Email is one of the most straight-forward ways to connect with your audience and it is the ONLY real direct connection to your audience that is not dependant on ever-changing algorithms!

I share all my favorite email marketing tips, including:

  • the importance of relevance in email marketing
  • what kind of opt-ins to use (and where to put them)
  • the 4 things your welcome email must do
  • my best tips for getting your emails opened
  • and writing subject lines
  • and avoiding spam filters
  • what to WRITE in your emails
  • how to physically structure your emails
  • my FAVORITE TIP for creating quick responses to emails
  • and MORE!

Engaging Your Audience With Facebook Groups - PDF training

My free Facebook group took my business from "0-60" practically overnight.

I believe MOST niches can benefit from a free Facebook group to engage their audience, and in this 17 page PDF guide we go over:

  • step-by-step set up of a Facebook group
  • how to set up screening (and why)
  • examples of ground rules for healthy groups (and how to set them)
  • actionable tips for growing your group
  • ideas for what kind of content to post
  • tips for hosting a Facebook live (and why you want to!)
  • and everything else I've learned along the way creating a group of 13,000 active members!

Engaging Your Audience With Instagram - PDF training

I have to admit... I don't use Instagram myself. (Much, anyhow.)

The secret to engaging your audience is KNOWING where you should be connecting with your audience... and mine isn't really on Instagram.

But YOURS might be!

So I got help from Cate Rosales (aka Instagram Rockstar) to create this 29 page PDF packed with tips on using Instagram to gain REAL loyal fans.

She tells us everything we need to know to succeed on the platform including:

  • busting the 3 most common Instagram myths
  • how to set up a successful foundation for your account
  • 4 cornerstones of PRO-active engagement
  • 3 cornerstones of RE-active engagement
  • 10 easy engagement tips
  • 10 best practices for success on the platform


"Engaging Your Audience was eye-opening for me. I had reached a plateau after two years of blogging and while watching, the lightbulb turned on. It was exactly what I needed. Carly is charming, smart, and real. She is an excellent teacher and listening to her is like having coffee with your best friend. This course is a MUST - not only for new bloggers but for intermediate bloggers as well."

- Sara, frozenpennies.com

"Engaging Your Audience course should be required reading for new bloggers.  I wish I had found it when I first started blogging and I would have saved a lot of time!  

Luckily, I discovered it a few months back when I was having a bit of a blog identity crisis trying to figure out how best to engage with my growing audience.

Her advice is straight forward, to the point, and written for real people who want to make a legitimate living with their blog.

I highly recommend new bloggers and more established bloggers go through this course!   It's helped me hone my focus and look at my audience with fresh eyes and a plan."

- Crystal, marchingnorth.com

"Engaging Your Audience was exactly the kind of course that I was looking for. I find it really frustrating when you're given abstract thoughts and ideas. I need step-by-step instructions and that is exactly what the course offered.

I also love that it covers several platforms. I've been able to revisit the course as I've started working on different social media platforms and found such great value in it.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to build and nurture an audience!"

- Christine, thishomeschoolhouse.com