Dad's Labor Cards:

The only SIMPLE labor cards on the market for dads to bring along to the hospital. You don't want him to freeze under the pressure of labor - and trust me - neither does he.

You'll get peace of mind knowing he's got your back, he'll know what to do and say during the labor process, and you'll both feel ready to rock'n'roll on the big day.

You'll get a total of 14 cards including:

  • important medical info
  • things to do in early labor
  • when to go to the hospital
  • birth plan main points
  • remember to use your B.R.A.I.N.
  • helpful things to say
  • arriving at the hospital
  • if labor slows or stalls
  • in case of low blood sugar
  • 4 birth position cards (squatting positions, standing positions, kneeling positions, sitting positions)